The last decade’s thoughts on technological innovations combined with the new activity-based office is the basis for LimbusFurniture WorkOnWall. Through new technology, such as smartphones, tablets and laptops, with constant access to the wireless network, we are more flexible than ever in terms of physical workplace. WorkOnWall is supposed to fit in various public places such as offices, universities or airports. The focus of the development process has been three basic elements; workspace, shielding and sound absorption brought together in one product, WorkOnWall. The sloping shape of the workplace give more or less shielding depending on which side you choose to stand on.

Side mounted sound absorbing workplace on wall with integrated power, USB and lighting. Body: 15 mm sound absorbing polyether (Oeko-Tex) glued on both sides of an 8 mm sound reducing MDF board (Nordic Ecolabel). Two MDF frames 40 mm assembled with four rounded strips of wood.


workonwall dim.jpg


Width: 550 mm

Depth: 430 mm

Thickness: 38 mm

Height above floor: 1020 mm

Suspension, Eilox:

Installation height upper rail: 1960 mm above the floor Mounting template included.