TNK is a new concept of Ergonomic seating combining new materials and exclusive integrated mechanism with a soft design but top technology. Latest generation mechanism detects the pressure over the chair back and adjust automatically the pressure of the free floating movement after releasing the mechanism. When you release the mechanism with no pressure on the chair back, then the chairs returns to the front position very slowly. 

Series 10 has a lumbar support adjustment with a system of internal membranes that moves the lumbar support point.

Series 20 has a fully upholstered back that allows to use technical fabrics 3D made of strong polyester that facilitates back ventilation and a bigger comfort. 

Comfort and aesthetics in Series 30 is due to the utilization of a technological and innovative back that can be adapted to the user at any position.

Series' 40 back has been designed to distribute in a uniform way the user weight and its cell design improves the back perspiration. It includes a lumbar support adjustment easy to use.