Menzies Research 2

SIZE: 6000sqm

TIME: 8 Weeks

ARCHITECT: Lyons Architecture


To furnish a very creative architecturally designed building by Lyons Architecture with workstations and furniture to suit the dynamic and diverse requirements of the project. Known as ‘MS2' the building is home to the world class Faculty of Health, School of Medicine, Menzies Research Institute, Wicking Centre in Hobart.
UTAS engaged Lyons Architecture to create a facility for innovative, worldclass medical research to improve human health and wellbeing. They needed
to create a brand new office environment with the required technological and functional capacity while creating a warm and inviting working space.


Our bespoke workstation designs were instrumental to this project’s success. We were able to revolutionize existing workstation designs and develop the workplace so it was more engaging for the staff of MS2, as well as reflecting the values of the University.
Having developed a design scheme with Lyons Architecture & UTAS, Bentley Workspaces then undertook the entire project schedule within a tight 8 week time frame, delivering and managing installation of the workstations and all associated furniture for over 280 staff.

Excellent response to our needs, always willing
to assist and go beyond what is asked.
— Terry Lockwood | Senior Project Manager