National Relaxation Day

Relaxation Day is all about winding down and taking it easy. Here are 3 things that you can do to give yourself a bit of a timeout at work:

Three relaxing things to do at work

1. Coffee With A View

Find a spot in your office that gives you as much outside view as possible. It can be a room that gets the rays of the sunshine, a boardroom overlooking the cityscape, or a window framing the view of those trees. Whatever your space offers, give yourself this time to enjoy your cuppa away from your desk.

2. Take A Walk

Lunchtimes are best for those quick strolls, perhaps grab a bite at your favourite café. If you’re walking from one meeting to the other, take this time to slow down and enjoy some window shopping along your way. Taking an extra 5-10 minutes definitely makes such a difference.

3. Work In 90 Minute Intervals

Based on the Ultradian rhythms, our brain passes through different stages when we’re awake - functioning in alternating periods of high-frequency brain activity (about 90 minutes) followed by low-frequency brain activity (about 20 minutes). Studies show that going against this natural cycle triggers our body’s fight-or-flight response, which causes the parts of our brain that handles logic to become less active - losing the ability to focus and be hyper-alert and anxious.

15 August 2019