Find your quiet space in an open-plan office

By Nicole F.
Marketing - Bentley Workspaces

As I was trying to write this blog, I wanted to put myself to the test, so I asked myself, how do I actually get my work done? Am I better of sitting with everyone else on our open-plan office? Perhaps bring my desk on a standing mode to get my circulation going and hope that my creative juices will then start to flow. I tried a few other spots like our breakout room with bar tables and bar chairs. Finally, I found myself sat in our huddle room, with a cup of coffee, looking out at Hobart’s harbour, which never fails to amuse me, by the way.

Most of the time, I would sit on my desk in front of multiple screens with my whiteboard on the side and would bring my desk high up and stand every now and then. However, I guess today I just needed that extra quiet and alone time, to get me going with this writing.


I’ve dug deeper into this, and I came across various articles explaining how an open-plan office is no longer working. One of which talked about how it limits productivity and creates an isolating environment that turns colleagues against each other.

The reality is open-plan office is not going anywhere soon, mainly because an open-plan office is about a third of the cost of your closed-off individual offices. However, there are many ways to combat these uprising issues and maximise your open-plan office.

Find your

Co-working spaces and breakout rooms have been a few of the popular trends in modern offices. They usually have quiet spaces where employees can retreat to, larger rooms to facilitate bigger teams for more productive meetings, and flexible workstations that allow you to quickly collaborate with your team members.

The best-designed workspaces provide staff with options on how and where to work. Apart from the trendy office designs, fancy furniture systems, and latest technologies, people should be the centre of your workspace. It is your employees that drive the day-to-day operation of your business; therefore, it is logical to cater to their needs and create a work environment that works for them, supporting them to perform and be their most productive selves.

Know what's best for you. How do you want to work? If you think your workspace does not support your working style, maybe it’s time to shift things around.