Beyond being a leader

By Graham L.
Director - Bentley Workspaces

Being a leader is beyond having people to go by your rules. It is more about looking after them, ensuring that they are motivated to work and that they feel safe when they're at work. It's about providing their needs and meeting their expectations so that they can perform and deliver. Being a leader is about providing your staff with a positive culture that encourages them to grow, learn and be their own person. It's acknowledging that everyone is different and works differently.


Engaging with people that we are responsible for is a great way to understand the dynamics of our team. As a leader, I aim to provide my team with support in any way that I can. How I work with them varies from each of their work styles. For instance, some are hugely motivated when there's a lot of interaction going on and prefer constant catch ups. Some prefer to be very independent and are most likely to perform best when they're away from everyone else. Whatever their work style maybe, as a leader, it is crucial that we support them individually and provide them with options of how and where to work.

Another way to support your employees is by providing them with a space that's conducive to their wellbeing and a work environment that helps them achieve their goals. Being at the forefront of design and build industry, we are continually pushing boundaries of workplaces for our clients, and safe to say that we walk the talk. We are change-navigators in the commercial office fit-out, refurbishment and furniture industry. Every day we seek innovative ways to future-proof workspaces. We have access to some of the latest and most advanced systems and technology in the market and being able to utilise this has significantly impacted our whole experience of being at work.